History of The Faculty of Tourism
Tourism Faculty was established in 1994 under the name of “Tourism and Hotel Management” as part of the Faculty of Economics and Administrative Sciences. Since the date of its establishment, it has been offering extensive education opportunities at graduate and associate degree level. Today, the Faculty of Tourism is continuing to provide education at levels of; associate degree, graduate and postgraduate degrees.

The mission of the Faculty of Tourism is bringing up qualified individuals for the tourism sector, who are ready to make contributions to national and international fields, bringing up individuals who are equipped with the basic knowledge, skills and research techniques so that they will be competent employees within their fields.

We aim to be the leading institution within this region and to bring up individuals for the tourism sector, which is consistently growing globally with every passing day. We aim to bring up individuals who are aware and reflect upon the changes and developments in the environment and who have deeply acquired universal and ethic values. Furthermore, we aim to raise individuals who have gained the sense of awareness of public responsibilities, acquainted with technology, entrepreneur, research-oriented, and who are able to make use of theory and relevant applications in their field.

Employment Opportunities
Graduates have opportunities to be employed within the tourism sector, which is a sector of consistent growth and development. They have the opportunity to be recruited as; tourism agents, hotel employees, and hotel managers.