Assist. Prof. Dr. Salim AKYÜREK

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Salim Akyürek is working as an Assist. Prof. He was born as the smallest of four male children in Nevşehir on June 18, 1971. His mother is housewife and his father is a teacher. He moved the Ankara at the age of two because of father’s job. After completion of his primary and secondary education in Ankara, he decided to become a soldier and won his military high school exams and took his first step to military service. In 1989, he graduated from a military high schoool and then started his professional life. He did not leave his education during his career. Firstly, he graduated from Ankara University Faculty of Education and then Anadolu University Business Administration Faculty. He has a master’s degree in both fields. In 2013, he completed his doctorate in Business Administration department at Istanbul Aydın University. He has accomplished many successes both in his professional life and his education. He retired from the military service as a lieutenant colonel and settled in İzmir. He worked as a manager for a private company for one year. He started his academic life in Cyprus.

He is working in the field of management and organizational. He has several articles and conference papers related with organizational justice, organizational commitment, job satisfaction, alienation, leadership, locus of control and decision making styles. He has family counseling certificates. He is international journal referee. Assist. Prof. Salim Akyürek continues academic studies. He is married and father of two boys.