Lecturer Özlem YAMAK

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She was born in 31 October, 1974 in Nicosia as a family’s second child. Her father is graduates of primary school and working as a self-employed, her mother is a housewife and graduates from secondary school. She was graduated from Cihangir Primary School in 1983, and from Şht. Huseyin Ruso Secondary School in 1986. After graduation from Nicosia Turkish Lycee, although she won Bilkent University Archeology and Art History, she went to Eastern Mediterranean University and studied on Tourism and Hospitality Management. In these times, she worked as a student assistant at part-time and she was graduated from university in the list of honorary degree.
In 1999, she worked as an accountant clerk at Nicosia Lemar due to unable to find work in tourism sector. At the same year summer term, she worked as a reservation clerk at Zümrüt Tourism and for developing herself in this area she attended a tourist guide course which was organized by TRNC State of Ministry and the Deputy Prime Minister. At 1999-2000, she worked as a loan officer at Credit west Bank. In 2003, she thought that crisis is over and the economy would go to the positive directions she established Irmak Bijuteri. The most important things she learned while running that ability to purchase a product at the lowest price, at the right time and place would be raise the rate of profit and businessman who brought the industry’s new product there can always stay one step ahead compared to its competitors.
After a long hiatus, she went to the Atatürk Teacher Academy and graduated from Secondary School Teacher Program Without Thesis in 2009. Her philosophy is lifelong learning. In March the same year, she attended a seminar about Basic Food Quality and Hygiene Education Program which organized by the United Nations Development Programme and got an attendant certificate.In 2010, she worked as a tourism teacher at Güzelyurt Meslek Lycee. In 2011 she worked as a teacher for Vocational Training Course under the TRNC Ministry of Education Office of Technical and Vocational Education MEYAP.In 2011, she worked as a survivor at the 2010 Agricultural Census and Passenger Survey-Departure which conducted by the State Planning Organisation.
In 2009, she began to study on Tourism and Hotel Management Master Program at Near East University. She is still going on to analyze the effects of organizational, individual, environmental and employee-related factors on managers’ leadership styles. She is married and the mother of 2 daughters.