Lecturer Özdal KEREM

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He wasborninto a familywho had a smallgroceryshop, andalsowhodealtwithvine-growing in Esentepe, a village in Paphos, Cyprus, in 1966. Afterfinishing Değirmenlik Primary School, he thengraduatedfrom Bayraktar Secondary School andTurk Lisesi (Turkish High School) respectively. Moreover, in 1988, he graduatedfrom Dokuz Eylül University, Faculty of EconomicsandAdministrativeSciences, Department of Finance. Aftercompleting his military service as a reserveofficer in 1990, he started his business life as an entrepreneur. He dealtwithimportandexport, andoperated in manydifferentsectorslikemarketing, jewellery, houseappliancesandfurniture, restaurantmanagement, coffeeproductionandconfectionery in his wholebusiness life. In 1993, he wasone of theco-founders of JuniorChamber International (JCI) in North Cyprusalongsidewith his friends, and he served as a president in 1999. He is continuing his service in JCI as a senatornow. Furthermore, he served as thechairman of theFoodImportersAssociation in Cyprusfrom 2008 to 2013. Alongsidewith his busywork life, he improved his wineknowledgebyreceivinglectures in Turkey, Italy, France, andArgentina, and he establishedthe La Reserva Wine Club in North Cyprus. He is lecturingaboutthewines of theworldto his students in La Reserva Wine Club andcontributingtoincreaseknowledge of wine in Cyprus. Alongsidethelectures he gave in La Reserva Wine Club, he works as a part-time lecturer in thedepartment of gastronomy at Near East University. He is marriedand has twochildren.